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Shoes In The Home, Yay Or Nay? The Scientific Verdict Is In

It’s personal preference whether you feel comfortable wearing your shoes around the house. However, scientists have given their verdict as to whether we should or shouldn’t, for the sake of bacteria.

For some cultures, it’s a blanket rule to leave shoes at the door, with many cultures even offering ‘home shoes’ for guests visiting the home as it is perfectly normal to request guests to remain ‘shoeless’. 

However, for others, wearing shoes inside is normal. So, what does science say?

There is a growing regulatory interest in indoor air quality, with dust and dirt building up in the home - around one-third of bacteria and dirt in the home enters via the bottom of our shoes. 

Some microorganisms that make their way onto our shoes and into our homes are drug-resistant pathogens, asphalt-road residue and lawn chemicals, all of which are known to be harmful to humans. 

Scientists found a strong connection between lead inside homes and the lead in garden soil, predominantly linked from dirt blown in via open doors or trodden in on your shoes and on the furry paws of your adorable pets.

Whilst exposure to safe bacteria levels is important for our immune systems, an excessive amount of harmful bacteria being trodden into our home can lead to a harmful amount of dirt and germs being exposed to our families. 

Scientists recommend preventing an excessive spread of germs by simply leaving your shoes at the door; opt for some ‘home shoes’ if foot support is needed.