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Seoul Slows Gym Music To The Slow The Spread Of Covid

In an effort to stop the spread of Covid-19, gyms in South Korea's capital Seoul have been ordered not to play music with a pace higher than 120 beats per minute.

Health officials state that limiting gym’s to play slower songs will prevent people from breathing too quickly or spraying each other with sweat.

I’m no sweating expert but a one word rebuttal comes to mind when I hear their exclamation and that is ‘ballet’.

One can definitely work up a sweat to any pace of music. Surely this beats per minute (bpm) approach relies on everyone being at the same fitness level – which is ‘quite fit’. A lot of people are at a fitness level where they do sweat walking to slow music.

I once tried to interruptive dance to ‘I Want it That Way by Backstreet Boys’ and by the end of that painfully slow song, I was calling for a mop - loudly, as everyone had left the room. In saying that I was already sweating before dancing from the three espresso martini’s I had consumed.

Many are questioning health officials' approach; including Gym owners.

According to Reuters, Gym owner Kang Hyun-ku has asked whether ‘there was any proof a choice between classical music and BTS had an impact on spreading the virus?’ Funny and fit? I’d love to get a green smoothing with this Kang fellow.

Kang also told Reuters that people use their own earphones, asking, "How do you control their playlists?"

Kang must run a really good gym because every gym I’ve been to has it’s house music so loud I would have to turn up my headphones to an ear-bleeding level to drown out their Jay-Z remixes.

In addition to the bpm rule, treadmills can only be used at a maximum speed of 6km/h and gym goers can only remain in the sport facility for two hours.

Two hours? Are these people training for the stair master Olympics? I usually do 15min on the ski thing and then hit the showers. Maybe they are including the time weight dudes go on their phone between reps – in which case, five hours would be preferred.

Any rules, even odd ones are likely welcomed when you consider that South Korea is still well and truly fighting COVID with 1,097 cases recorded on Monday.

Officials have stated implementing these rules is the only way to keep gyms open and for this, I am sure, the Seoul professional speed walking community is eternally grateful.

Main image: Pixabay