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Scottish Man Removes Hotel Bed Linen Before Checking Out

Man makes everyone else look bad by removing hotel bed sheets before checking out.

A Scottish man has sparked debate after posting a photo on Facebook showing how he leaves his hotel room before checking out.

The man who goes by ‘Dazza’ shocked users when he revealed that before leaving a hotel room he selflessly strips the sheet, doona cover, and pillowcases from the bed. He then folds and places the linen neatly on the mattress to make the housekeepers' job easier.

Perhaps most were not shocked by Dazza’s thoughtfulness but at the lack of selflessness in posting this subtle boast. That or it was a shock that a guy who chooses to go by ‘Dazza’ knows how to fold linen so well.

Posting the photo of the stripped bed, Darren ‘Dazza’ Dowling, wrote: "I always try and leave a hotel room like this. Is this the right or wrong thing to do?"

Dazza; please. You absolutely should do this if you want to help out the housekeepers but don’t go telling everyone. Many of us stay in hotels for the sheer joy of not having to do a chore for 24 hours without the guilt.

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Even if I made this life changing decision to become a housekeeper helper, I will inevitably wake up 15 minutes before checkout time only to realize I don’t actually have time to strip the bed.

How will I get over this overwhelming sense of selfishness? Oh, I know how! I paid $24 for a mini bottle of wine from the minibar, and I’ll be damned if I have to do a job too.

Physically, it’s also quite the feat. Hotel beds are some of the most tightly made beds on the planet. Dazza must hit the gym to be able to achieve full removal of the linen on a regular basis. I’ve known myself not to be able to pull the sheets out to even sleep. Once I just slept under the 15cm gap I was able to create… imagine a credit card in its little wallet slip, except it’s me in the sheet gap.

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All jokes aside, this is clearly a nice thing to do and if you have the time, why not help by removing the linen?

Housekeepers commented on the post that they find these sorts of actions by guests very helpful.

One housekeeper posted: "This makes me very happy when customers do this, saves us an extra job, and makes it easier."

Another wrote: "As a former housekeeper I always appreciated when people did this. I continue to do this now and I also leave a tip every day.

"Housekeeping is a thankless hard job. The condition some rooms are left in is astonishing...even after just one night.

Only one housekeeper had the cynicism we usually see in Facebook comments writing: "I get worried when I see this - what are they hiding?"

Excuse me; we aren’t the ones hiding anything, we are just trying to help.

We could ask the hotel the same thing, where are you hiding the iron? Oh, it’s in the third drawer of the bedside table? Not where I would have put it, but ok.

Others queried why you would bother when it’s someone’s job to do it. My instinct was to side with the naysayers, that the housekeeper is there to do it and you’re paying for that service but then I realized these are probably the same people that don’t take a the trolley to the bay or don’t take the empty popcorn box out of the cinema and this is not a tribe I want to be a part of.

From now on if time allows it I will remove my hotel linen. I will not be folding it though, it’s about to go in the wash anyway and I need those precious minutes at the breakfast buffet.

Main Image: Facebook/Dazza