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Scott Morrison Blasted At Newcastle Pub By An Angry Punter

So where is safe for the Prime Minister to go?

By now, we have all seen the confrontation at the Edgeworth Tavern in Newcastle between Prime Minister Scott Morrison and a local disability support pensioner.


Or perhaps you’ve seen this selfie where he gets congratulated “On being the worst Prime Minister we’ve ever had.”

Maybe you’ve also seen him get booed at Shane Warne’s Memorial at the MCG last week


It appears that wherever he seems to go, people just aren’t pleased to see him, and the person I feel sorry for is his media advisor. 

Yes, this poor person who no doubt is getting yelled at after each event behind closed doors or tinted windows, as they try to reassure the PM that even though he was yelled at by an old man in front of 40 cameras, and their phone is blowing up with Twitter notifications, that the “optics looked good” and “the sideways purpose flow is high” and the “Top down nuance strategies are working” and other statements I found on a marketing jargon generator.

And with an election looming, his Media Advisor will have to think very carefully about the places that Scott Morrison can appear where he will feel safe from the (whisper it) public. So, we here at The Project thought we’d help out with three places Mr Morrison can go;

  1. Libraries – Of course, can’t be yelled at in these places, plus the government funds them… well, not the federal government, but local councils and State governments, and the more I read into it, it appears library funding is being cut, so maybe librarians won’t be able to protect him from angry voters as they’ll be too busy with other tasks as they are understaffed and under resourced. Moving on!
  2. Day Care Centres – Hard to be yelled at by a child who only knows ten words and has no object permanence “Where’s Scomo? There he is. Where’s Scomo? There he is. Where’s Scomo? Scomo? Oh, it appears there is a national disaster and he has disappeared for a bit”. He will need to time this one though to avoid parent drop off and pick up so as not to be confronted with parents asking why Australia has the 4th highest child care costs in the world and that why, in 2018 did KPMG find it found it was more expensive for many working mothers to work four or more days a week? And pay for child care than it was to stay home to look after their children. NEXT!
  3. Hawaii – What? Too soon? Well, last time it was too soon, and that didn’t stop him.

Anyway, enjoy these suggestions Scott Morrison Media Advisor. Whoever you are, we here at The Project appreciate you.