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Scientists Have Invented Chopsticks Which Reduce The Amount Of Salt In Our Food

Japanese scientists (heroes) have invented chopsticks which can help reduce the amount of salt in our meals. 

Researchers from Meiji University have developed electric chopsticks that transmit sodium ions to your mouth via a wristband, to recreate the sensation of saltiness.

You get all of the salty taste without the actual salt intake.

We thought the electric car was the way of the future, but it’s actually electric cutlery.

The invention was co-developed by Professor Homei Miyashita from the University and beverage maker Kirin Holdings Co.

The wristband is actually a mini computer. It uses a weak electrical current to transmit sodium ions from food, through the chopsticks, to the mouth creating a sense of saltiness.

Professor Miyashita said 'As a result, the salty taste enhances 1.5 times'.

The invention comes about because humans love salt, but just like most things we love, it’s pretty terrible for us.

Excess sodium intake is linked to increased incidence of high blood pressure, strokes and other ailments. Kirin researcher, Ai Sato said 'To prevent these diseases, we need to reduce the amount of salt we take'.

He added 'If we try to avoid taking less salt in a conventional way, we would need to endure the pain of cutting our favourite food from our diet, or endure eating bland food'.

It’s the perfect invention to bring on a flight or to the dinner party of a family member who isn’t exactly a Master chef.

Professor Miyashita and Kirin are refining the prototype and hope to commercialise them as early as next year.

Hopefully they’re also working on chopsticks that recreate the sensation of sugar, carbs, butter and whatever is in a Big Mac.