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Say Goodbye To Segways

Segway to end production of it’s fun and hard to control transport devices

It was amusing and dangerous while it lasted but sadly Segway is retiring its electronic personal scooters on July 15.

A company that boldly claimed to revolutionise the way people will get around instead revolutionised a trend of crash videos. They will at least go down in history for that.

Although used by tourists and some police forces the Segway uprising that inventor Dean Kamen envisioned when he started the company in 1999 never took off.

Amazingly, his invention did find a way to make some cops look even less intimidating than bicycle cops.

Police On Segway GIF | Gfycat

This struggle to competitively enter the transportation market is perhaps down the fact they came with the large price tag of $US5000 but more likely down to the fact they were very hard to control. Oh, and also because anyone on one looks ridiculous.

Gob arrested development segway GIF - Find on GIFER

They are barely controllable because the driver has to be balanced at a specific angle for the vehicle to move forward. If the rider's weight shifts too much or even slightly, in any direction, it could simply spin out of control and throw the rider off.

The company communicated that they did not ride away from continuing production easily.

According to the ABC, Segway president Judy Cai stated, "This decision was not made lightly, and while the current global pandemic did impact sales and production, it was not a deciding factor in our decision.”

It’s not surprising that sales were low when you consider they were even banned in some cities.

We tip our hat to the personal transportation device which brought us endless  tears of laughter and pain.

To show our respect (or maybe it’s disrespect?) below are some of our favourite Segway crashes. Vail Segway.

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