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Sales Of Cask Wine And Goon Bags Banned In Aussie Town Following Spike In Violence

Police in Geraldton, Western Australia, are temporarily banning the sale of cask wine in a bid to stamp out a spike in alcohol-related violence.

The five-day trial started last night and will remain in place until Tuesday.

The sale of four-litre Fruity Lexia and Tawny Port wines has been banned, and consumers will only be able to buy one two-litre cask each day.

Geraldton Police Station officer in charge, acting senior sergeant Stuart Gerreyn told the Geraldton Guardian “We have had an increase in violence and anti-social behaviour along the foreshore, particularly near the cinemas and the basketball court.’’

“There is no particular day of the week or time of day when this is happening; it is just basically from when the bottle shops open to when it gets dark.

“People are buying their goon bags, drinking them and going back and buying another one.”