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Russians Stock Up On McDonald’s As 850 Locations Close Across The Country

A Russian Big Mac enthusiast stocks up ahead of store closures.

As McDonalds, Starbucks and other prominent Western companies pause operations throughout Russia; brand enthusiasts have taken to buying in bulk their favourite items to get themselves through.   

Sharing a photo on Reddit, one user uploaded a picture of their 'friend's stash' of at least 50 burgers. Others have started selling Big Macs online for upwards of AUD$400+. Among other items listed are McNuggets, sauces and chips. All of which, if you have ever dropped under a car seat, will survive for quite some time.   

The closure of McDonald's 847 restaurants also carries symbolic importance in Russia, where the first location to open, in central Moscow's Pushkin Square in 1990, became a symbol of flourishing American capitalism as the Soviet Union fell.  

The West's moves to isolate Russia economically for attacking its neighbour have turbocharged global commodity and energy markets, sending prices soaring and threatening to derail the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Photo: Reddit