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‘Rugby Player’ Stuns Fans As He Completes The Full 3-Minute ‘Single Ladies’ Dance Routine

An on-field dance routine leaves fans mind-blown!

Rugby fans in South Africa were left stunned as what appeared to be one of their players performed the ‘Single Ladies’ dance, in full, on the field of play. 

South African professional dancer Wiaan Laing, wore the team's uniform, dancing alongside the DHL Dancers. The footage was uploaded to TikTok, and has quickly gained over eight million views and nearly 900,000 likes.   

Viewers on Twitter were just as amazed by the footage, with one viewer saying, “I wonder if this is what people imagine when I say I play rugby 😆”, and another saying “This is hot on some many levels”.   

Laing left viewers thirsty for more. The 32-year-old is a dancer and actor from the Stellenbosch Dance Academy, 50km east of Cape Town, who was easily able to fool viewers due to his strong physique.