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Ruff No Barking Rule At Dog Park

A new sign at a dog enclosure rules that if you want to enjoy the park, your dog must not bark.

The pandemic has meant more time at home, flexible work hours and finding desperate excuses to go for a second daily walk, which is probably why we saw a rise in people adding dogs to the family.

Fortunately for one apartment block in Winnipeg, Canada, this meant an increase in dogs visiting the dog park located right next to their building. It’s fortunate because this means an increase it adorable views.

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On the other hand, though, this unfortunately also meant way more noise.

The barking got to a point that residents of the building started human barking (yelling) back down at the owners and their dogs, telling them to be quiet.

According to Winnipeg CTV News, when dog owner Michaela Prentice brought her dog Samosa to Bonnycastle Dog Park for a play she noticed some new signage had been put up.

Let's just take a moment from this breaking news to acknowledge that Samosa is a very good dog name. We have already contacted Ms. Prentice to suggest she get a second dog, who should be named Chutney.

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Of course, adding another dog to this park is the opposite of what the community wants.

"I noticed that today when I came in, the 'no excessive dog barking' sign," she said. "Definitely new to me, haven't seen that before, I can see why it went up."

Prentice said in the summer time there was close to 50 dogs in the park at once and that the noise was definitely an issue.

Many of these apartment residents are likely to be working from home so you can sympathise with them as to why they are turning on man’s best friend.

Sherri Rollins, Chair of the Executive Policy Committee on Protection, Community Services and Parks, tweeted about the 'no excessive dog barking' signs at Bonnycastle Dog Park, to mixed reviews.

The negative responses are not particularly surprising because, at the end of the day, stopping a dog barking while it’s out at a park is fairly hard to control.

Many dogs bark when they are playing, and dog parks are the one legal place dogs can play off-lead.

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The real issue here is what exactly is considered ‘excessive’?

People without children find the squeals of a child fairly jarring, whereas their parents don’t even seem to hear it. Could the same be said for dog owners and their dog's bark? Are the non-dog owners just far more sensitive to it?

I think the only logical next step is for the local council to hire a bark counter. They would be similar to a security guard counting the number of people entering a building but instead they log the number of barks by each visiting dog.

More than one bark per minute and you’re outta there!

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Now to deal with the excessive added noise of dog owners yelling, "No barking! Hey, no barking!"

Main Image: Pxhere/Alan Levine