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Royal Caribbean Announce 9 Month World Cruise

Get Out Of Lockdown And Onto A Boat

You’ve been locked up in your home for so much of the past eighteen months so you deserve a vacation. How about spending 274 nights on a cruise ship? Melbourne’s lockdown only went for 263 days, but that was on land and had very few buffet dinners included.

Royal Caribbean have announced their Ultimate World Cruise with plans to hit 65 countries and 150 destinations. 65 countries? That’s a lot of countries. There’s bound to be a couple of duds in there. Seems like a hard number of locations to keep track of. Remember Chile? No? Did we go? Who knows. It was probably beautiful.

The CEO of Royal Caribbean, Michael Bayley, who has presumably spent the last eighteen months in front of a white board with the words “WHEN WILL PEOPLE WANT TO GO ON BOATS AGAIN?” scrawled across it, has dubbed the voyage “the world cruise of world cruises”.

The Ultimate World Cruise will set sail on the 10thof December 2023 from Miami. Which, knowing the cruise industry’s luck, will be right in time for a brand new variant to be sweeping across the globe.

Once you’re on board the cruise ship will visit all seven continents. So handy to get to stop by Antarctica and say hi to those penguins that you’ve only been able to chat to over zoom.

The whole trip will only set you back a cool $80,920 per person and for that price you get to be on a boat for 9 months and see as many on board magic shows as you want. If you don’t want to do the whole trip you can just book segments of the voyage. If you don’t want to go at all, you can probably book a holiday in Apollo Bay instead.