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Rogue Toddler Spends $2,000 On Mum’s Phone

If you’ve ever needed a reminder to watch what your kid is doing on your phone, it’s this.

A mum in New Jersey has copped a $2,000 bill from Walmart after her toddler went rogue on her phone.

Madhu Kumar had filled her online cart with furniture items from Walmart, but had not completed the transaction.

It wasn’t until the pieces started being delivered to her home, that Madhu and her husband Pramod realised something was amiss.

After questioning their two older children, the couple realised their two-year-old son, Ayaansh, was the culprit.

“My wife does online shopping, so at the time, she was checking some things on Walmart and she added to a cart,” Pramod told TODAY in the U.S..

“She was not intending to purchase those, she just added to a cart and said, ‘OK, we’ll come back later.’ But then she put the phone down and somehow my son managed to get the phone.”

Pramod said he was still confused as to how his son was able to make the purchase so easily.

"If you go online shopping, it asks you multiple times about the items you need to select and you have to click here to be able to confirm and then reconfirm to make sure before ordering,” he said.

“We’re still getting the packages.

“We have a bunch of packages. Like today, there are two packages just sitting outside of our house.”