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Robot Vacuum Cleaner Makes Escape From UK Hotel

A UK Hotel chain, Travelodge has a number of robot vacuum cleaners stationed throughout the hotel to keep things spick and speck, until this robot saw its chance at freedom via an open door.

The cleaner in question was supposedly going about its business near the front door of the hotel on Thursday when it sensed its opportunity, and exited the building. The staff were unsure of its whereabouts as it was not in sight. 

One of the staff reported that “they normally sense the lip at the entrance [to the hotel] and turn around, but this one decided to make a run for it.”

Fortunately for all (apart from the vacuum) it has since been found and returned to work. 

Travelodge told the BBC that the robot was dusted off and “is now back sitting happily on a shelf with the rest of its robot vacuum family” after being found in a bush by a staff member.

Seems like it was hiding waiting to make its bid for freedom…