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Rihanna States She initially Felt Like A “Bad Mum” For Not Wanting A Gender Reveal Party

Popstar Rihanna is expecting her first child with partner, A$AP Rocky, and whilst she has said she's overjoyed to become a mother, the star states she has had judgement for not wanting to do everything the 'traditional way'.

Rihanna is said to be thrilled to be expecting her first baby with her partner, A$AP Rocky, and has graced the cover of Vogue in a beautiful maternity photoshoot.

The star revealed that she has been less than traditional and has not wanted to participate in many of the common traditions we see pregnant women, particularly celebrities, celebrate with. 

One of which is, of course, a gender reveal party. 

Gender reveals have gained in popularity over the last decade, with many people excited to share the sex of their baby with friends and family.

However, Rihanna revealed to Vogue that; "I asked my doctor: 'Is something wrong with me for not wanting this? Because people keep asking me. Am I a bad mom?'"

But those feelings faded, and she soon realized that whenever she and A$AP Rocky are ready to tell the sex of their baby to the world, they'll do it on their terms. "When we're ready to tell the world, we'll just tell them."

All power to them!