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Researchers Invent COVID Nose Mask For When You’re Eating

In today’s episode of ‘I’m not sure if this is helping but A+ for effort’, researchers in Mexico have created a nose-only COVID-19 mask.

Do you want to enjoy meals with others but hate the risk of coronavirus riddled air coming out of their nostrils while they masticate or consume liquids? Well this is the product for you.

The mask only covers the nose area, so your mouth can be free to eat and drink, while the nose air is reduced and contained to the mask.

I don’t know about you, but the reveal of the nose mask underneath the face mask is giving me a Full Monty strip show vibe when they rip off their snap pants to reveal a jock-strap underneath.

And as a member of our staff gleefully pointed out: “When they take off their masks it’s like a tea party for cats.”

I mean, sure, it reduces the risk of spreading the deadly coronavirus, but this thing must also increase the risk of choking by an equal percentage. Or at least increase the risk of being grossed out as people have to chew with their mouth open so they can breathe and eat at the same time.

When I wear a normal mask, I am open mouth breathing as hard as I can to get air through it, so I can’t imagine the wear and tear this thing would have on the nostril muscles, they might sprain from flaring so much.

In addition to preventing the spread of coronavirus, there is another positive: when you’re not eating you can use it as a sling shot later on, should you find yourself in an unfortunate David vs. Goliath situation on your commute home.

I’m going to stick to social distancing and eating outside.