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Researchers Discover The Ageing Process Is Unstoppable

The unprecedented study found there is nothing you can do to prevent ageing.

Researchers working on an unprecedented study into ageing has found something rather unfortunate: we cannot be immortal. Nor can we have an everlasting youth. For we are mere mortals, and no matter what, we are made of mush that eventually calls it a day, and does so in its own time.

The study was conducted by a collaboration of scientists from 14 countries and found the real reason why we think we’re living longer than our ancestors is because we don’t have as much of a youth death rate dragging the average down. If you were born back then, you just had to avoid death by a disease, or not have a terrible farming accident to live to the same age that you would today. There was just more out there to pull the final curtain on you.

The good news is, if you’re reading this in the now times, you get to live in a time and society where you were far less likely to die as a child. I suppose the bad news is if you thought you could out-fox wrinkles, it’s already set in the biological markers of your genetics, and there’s not a lot you can do.

As David Gems, professor of biogerontology at UCL’s Insitutue of Healthy Ageing put it, “More and more people get to live much longer now. However, the trajectory towards death in old age has not changed. This study suggests evolutionary biology trumps everything and, so far, medical advances have been unable to beat these biological constraints.”

So there you have it, there is no magic procedure, or routine. Put the anti-aging goji berry wellness foot spa down.