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Reporter Gets Hit By A Car And Continues Reporting

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Before watching the video below it is important to know that the reporter involved is okay. Also before watching the video it is important to ask yourself this question: if you were doing your job and were hit by a car would you get up and continue doing your job or would you get up, walk away and never look back? A reporter in West Virginia found out which person she was when this exact situation happened.

The above video has been going viral due to the whole ‘a TV reporter being hit by a car while live on air’ nature of the thing. Tori Yorgey of WSAZ-TV in Charleston, West Virginia was reporting about a broken water main in Dunbar when an SUV appeared out of nowhere behind her and knocked her over.

As Tori went tumbling, the camera fell with her and on the video you can hear her saying “I just got hit by a car, but I’m okay.” She then got up, fixed the camera and kept going. She told the driver she was okay, she told the news anchor she was okay, and she told herself over and over that she was okay.

Tim Irr, the news anchor back in the studio who seemed surprisingly nonplussed by the whole thing asked: “You sure you’re okay, Tori?” And she threw back a “We’re good, Tim.” Capturing the vibe of what it’s like living in 2022. Feeling like you’ve been knocked over by a car, getting back up and yelling “We’re good, Tim!”

Other reporters around the States have taken to Twitter to point out that this sort of thing happening is one of the dangers of sending a reporter out on their own without a cameraman. Tori had to set up her own shot, and didn’t have anybody watching out for her, or anybody behind the camera who could have warned her about the vehicle.

In the video Tori says “You know, it’s my last week on the job, and I think this would happen specifically to me, Tim.” Wherever Tori works next, you know that she will be ready for anything. It was great we got hear that Tori was okay, however there have been no updates on that state of that broken water main.