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Remember Jackie Weaver’s Viral Zoom? She’s Back!

Findings from an investigation into the crazy council Zoom have been released

Remember Jackie Weaver? No, not the legendary Aussie actress, but the Handforth councillor in the UK who went viral after an incredibly chaotic council Zoom meeting. Well, this story finally has an ending.


Footage of the meeting went viral at the peak of the pandemic when we were all stuck inside and desperate for some content. Jackie Weaver and her team of troublesome councillors came to the rescue to bring us a bit of short-lived enjoyment.


Weaver’s involvement in the Zoom was to assist in mediating the virtual council meeting amid accusations of poor behaviour, but she only made things even more chaotic when she started removing people from the meeting. After the council chair informed her she had “no authority at all,” she removed him too! Jackie was living for that power! Yass Queen! She even capitalised on her internet fame and published a self-help book titled “You Do Have the Authority Here!” Jackie is clearly a force to be reckoned with.


However, six reports investigating the complaints against her have finally been made public. With a total of 146 pages of detailed auditing, it has been found that she in fact, did NOT have the authority to remove anyone from those meetings. OMG! Jackie was misinformed the whole time.


And in an even more shocking twist, the investigation cost Cheshire East council more than 85,000 pounds. Hurricane Jackie takes no prisoners!


After the investigation’s findings, Jackie spoke with the BBC and continued to firmly stand her ground, saying, “I did not actually remove them from the meeting… I moved them to the waiting room.”


Where will Jackie strike next? Will it be at your next Zoom meeting? Who knows? Either way, it’s going to be an entertaining dumpster fire of a time.