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RAAF To Add Space Force to CV

As the Royal Australian Air Force celebrates its 100th anniversary, it looks like it’s also added even more air… or less… as they eye off setting up a space command from next year.

“It’s to allow us to establish an organisation to sustain, force-generate, operate space capabilities and assign them to a joint operation command if needed,” Air Force Chief Mel Hupfeld told the ABC today.

And unlike China and Russia, who set up their space forces in 2015, we won’t be using our new space department to take out hits on enemy satellites.

“Space is a war-fighting domain but we’re not going to militarise space,” Hupfeld added.

The Air Vice Marshal later elaborated that Australia was around four years behind other Western peers when it comes to defence space initiatives, but we are catching up quickly.

The US was subject to quite a bit of mockery on Twitter when it launched its military space arm called ‘US Space Force’, but the more I think about it, what else are they meant to call it? Satellite Force? USA Space Protectors?

Australia will also opt for a joint command of the department staffed by Air Force, Army and Navy personnel, whom I assume will be helping with replicating space-like environments underwater.