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R2Pee2: Meet The Robot Dog That Pees Beer

A YouTuber has designed a robot that can pee a stream of beer directly into a cup.

Remember when we all feared that robot dogs would take over the world? Well, that might still happen, as shown by this terrifying video of a robot dog army.

In the meantime, they have proved to be quite useful for anybody who loves their beer. Maybe because it’s their way of weakening our senses so they can strike!

The robot dog named Spot became available to the public last year thanks to a company called Boston Dynamics, for the low price of just 74,500 US dollars.

YouTuber Michael Reeves managed to get his hands on one, and programmed it to achieve the impossible — peeing beer (yep, beer!). It’s the only time you’re happy to have a dog pee on you.

As you can see in Reeves' online video, it took a fair amount of trial and error (otherwise known as potty training), before the robot could precisely aim into a cup. There was even a point where Spot slipped in his own mess. Well that’s what happens when your system is full of beer. But to be fair, it clearly wasn’t as drunk as some of its robot siblings.

Now, it’s often advised that you don’t drink alcohol when operating machinery. But what if the machinery is full of alcohol? Well, if you ask Bender from the TV show Futurama, he’d agree it’s the only acceptable way to live.

What an incredible feat in human ingenuity. Next, they’ll have to make a human-equivalent called the beer-centennial man.