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Queensland Health To Conduct Random Covid Testing This Weekend

A survey has found that 90 per cent of positive cases did not realise they had COVID. To combat this, the QLD government will undertake randomised covid tests.

Queensland health authorities seek to better understand the extent of coronavirus ahead of another potential wave in winter.

An initial survey project in the Gold Coast revealed that up to one in six residents have been living with COVID during the peak of the virus in the region.

The survey randomly conducted PCR tests on 117 people on January 22, with 20 testing positive.

Only four of those people reported having any symptoms, and only two were aware they had the virus. 

Chief Health Officer, John Gerrard, said the results showed coronavirus was much more prevalent in the state than test results demonstrated.

"At this stage we still don't know exactly the total number of people… in Queensland that have been infected with the virus," Dr Gerrard said.

"It's likely to be at least a third of the population of Queensland [would have had the virus] by the end of this month."

Queensland Health has confirmed another round of random tests will be conducted this Saturday on the Gold Coast.

Further random studies may also be conducted across the state, depending on the results of the Gold Coast tests and the prevalence of cases.