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Queen Elizabeth II Receives Her Own Collectible Barbie Doll To Celebrate The Platinum Jubilee

The Queen will have her own Barbie to honour her 96th birthday and Platinum Jubilee, as she celebrates the occasion at Wood Farm, Sandringham.

Mattel is launching a collectable Queen Elizabeth Barbie doll to commemorate this year’s Platinum Jubilee and the Queen’s 96th birthday this week. 

The Queen’s doll is the second in Barbie’s Tribute Collection series, which launched last August with a Lucille Ball doll

It comes packaged in its own model of the Buckingham Palace throne room and dressed the Queen in an ivory, silk dress similar to an actual dress the Queen has worn throughout her life. 

The doll’s designers also gave the doll a sash bearing her Royal Family Order medallions, honours that were given privately from the sovereign to members of the family—blue from her grandfather, George V, and pink from her father, George VI.

In a nod to five generations of Windsor women, she is wearing the Queen Mary fringe tiara, which once belonged to her grandmother and her mother.

This Barbie is not the first time that the Queen has been the inspiration for a doll. In 1995, Mattel released an Elizabethan Queen Barbie in their Great Era Collection, and it wore a metallic ball gown, a Tudor-era ruff on her collar, and a crown.

London based history professor, Kate Williams, told VanityFair that “They are two of the world’s most recognizable women—and now they are joined together in this doll. Barbie has always been a queen; now she is Queen Elizabeth II.”

The doll will be released on April 21st and available through select retailers.