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QLD Quarantine Rules Could Change Soon, WA Stands Firm

Queensland could change its COVID-19 quarantine requirements for international travellers as soon as federal guidelines change, the health minister says.

The state's roadmap to reopening will allow fully vaccinated domestic travellers who test negative to quarantine at home from November 19, by which time 70 per cent of eligible Queenslanders will be fully vaccinated.

Quarantine requirements will be scrapped entirely for vaccinated domestic travellers who test negative whenever the state hits 80 per cent, or on December 17 at the latest.

However, international travellers will need to home quarantine until 90 per cent of Queenslanders are fully vaccinated.

Victoria and NSW have scrapped quarantine for international arrivals, but Queensland Health Minister Yvette D'Ath insists their situations are different.

"It's in effect, a bit simpler when you've got 1500 plus cases every day to say,

'Well, it's OK for people from overseas to come in with the virus because we've already got this virus spreading throughout our community'," she told reporters on Monday.

When asked why the state was scrapping quarantine for domestic travellers and not international arrivals when the 80 per cent target was reached, Ms D'Ath said there were a number of reasons.

New virus variants could emerge overseas, she said, and vaccines made overseas could have lower efficacy than locally made vaccines.

However, the minister stressed the roadmap wasn't set in stone and quarantine requirements could change if Australian Health Protection Principal Committee guidelines change.

"Of course we will continue to take the advice," Ms D'Ath said.

"If things change, if the advice we're getting from the health professionals are that you can quarantine for shorter periods of time, or you don't need to put as many people into quarantine if they're close contacts, then we'll take that advice but at this stage it is still testing tracing isolating and quarantining."

Meanwhile, Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan is refusing to budge on his hardline border stance as a returned overseas traveller pleads with the premier to be reunited with his sick mother.

There were emotional scenes on Monday as Australians returned home to Sydney and Melbourne, which have scrapped quarantine for vaccinated travellers.

The pathway to return to WA is considerably more narrow given the state has placed NSW and Victoria under "extreme risk" border restrictions.

A man who arrived in Sydney from Los Angeles was in tears as he spoke of his desperate wish to travel to WA to see his sick mother after two years overseas.

"I'm really scared and emotional because I really want to see my mum," he told the Seven network.

"The doctor said that she hasn't got long ... she's been in permanent care for a few years and it's been so long since I've seen her.

"I love her heaps and I just want to get back there."

The man made a direct plea to the WA premier, saying he respected the need for caution but those separated from their families were mentally suffering.

Under the extreme risk border rules, most NSW and Victoria travellers are banned from entering WA and those who are permitted must enter hotel quarantine for 14 days.

Mr McGowan said the man's case would be assessed for a possible exemption on compassionate grounds.

"Obviously these situations are very sad and very difficult," he told reporters.

"The police and the chief health officer will analyse his case if he makes an application so that a decision can be made."

Any decision on reopening WA's borders will be delayed until after the state has reached 80 per cent full vaccination, a benchmark expected to be reached by early-December.

Mr McGowan has insisted WA is well-placed to make a "soft landing" out of the pandemic, reaching high levels of vaccination whilst avoiding the need to reimpose restrictions such as capacity limits and mask-wearing within the state.

"It is clear lagging vaccination rates and understaffing is holding this government back from even announcing a roadmap," she said.

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