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QLD Premier Wants JobKeeper Extension For Struggling Tourism Sector

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says it's "a bit rich" for the federal government to call on states to spend more on stimulus.

The premier wants JobKeeper extended past March for Queensland tourism businesses that are feeling the pinch of international border closures.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says he's monitoring the tourism industry but called on the Queensland government to spend more on economic recovery.

Ms Palaszczuk says it's a disappointing response because Queensland is already proportionately spending more on stimulus than other states.

"It's a bit rich ... when you go through a global pandemic the best thing you can do is to work together," she told reporters.

"And what we've seen through our economic stimulus is over $11 billion, and as a percentage of our economy that is more that has been invested than in NSW and Victoria."

Mr Frydenberg said earlier that the Commonwealth had already spent more than three times what the Palaszczuk government had on COVID-19 stimulus.

"We'd welcome the states putting their hands in their pockets and spending a little bit more in their own states as part of the economic recovery," he told the Today show.

Ms Palaszczuk also brushed off the front page of a Sydney tabloid on Friday, which mocked her call for JobKeeper to be extended.

The Daily Telegraph's headline said: "Anna's Job Stinker - broke banana bungler begs us to bail her out".

"They can call me whatever names they want, right, but honestly, I will always stand up for people in this state," she said.

I sat around with tourism operators, they are hurting. OK, so I will always stand up for what is right and what I believe to be right, and we'll just let NSW be NSW.

The premier also wants Prime Minister Scott Morrison to take full control of international quarantine, saying the Commonwealth must keep the highly contagious UK coronavirus variant out of Australia.

Under the constitution, the Commonwealth is responsible for quarantining international arrivals, but states and territories have agreed to do so in city hotels and a camp since the pandemic began.

Ms Palaszczuk has recently proposed moving quarantine to vacant regional mining camps, such as the Northern Territory's Howard Springs facility.

"Just as we weren't willing to take chances when we declared a public health emergency 12 months ago, we are not willing to take chances when it comes to keeping new and more infectious strains out of Queensland," Ms Palaszczuk wrote on Twitter.

That's why I am publicly calling on the prime minister to take greater responsibility for international quarantine.

The premier wants a federally run and funded national quarantine system with adequate Australian Defence Force and Border Force staffing.

She said Mr Morrison should also consider consolidating many hotel quarantine sites into centralised hubs.

The call comes as police prepare to hand down their first report into an outbreak of the UK virus strain at a Brisbane hotel that triggered a snap three-day lockdown of Greater Brisbane earlier this month.

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said the document would be released next week after ministers were briefed.