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Qantas Supermoon Flights Sell Out In Less Than Three Minutes

Are you sitting at home twiddling your thumbs with a whole bunch of cash that you're happy to dump into literally anything? Well, the flying kangaroo has the experience for you.

Yep, Qantas is offering flights to nowhere, just up in the air, jet around and land again. Completely pointless.

Well, not completely pointless. The most recent destination-less flight offering will be a ‘Supermoon’ experience, with passengers getting to marvel at the moon during a ‘blood solar eclipse’ on the 26th of May.

Plus, there will be inflight commentary from expert CSRIO astronomer Dr Vanessa Moss, as well as exclusive merchandise and a commemorative certificate. It's like someone has taken my dreams and turned them into a reality.

It must be around here somewhere. Image: Getty.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in well too late, because it's completely sold out. Tickets went on sale and were bought up by eager moon gazers in 2.5 minutes, according to CNN. Turns out there are a lot of people out there who love the moon, have money to burn and are itching to get back inside a flying metal tube.

But don’t worry, with such interest in these fruitless flights from customers, Qantas surely has other trivial trips on the horizon. Maybe you get to look at the sun, or the clouds, or even the horizon itself?

Main image: Pixabay composite.