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Private School Bans Laptops After Boys Were Caught Gambling And Watching 'Inappropriate Videos' In Class

An elite Anglican boy’s school in Sydney, Shore School, has banned students from bringing their own laptops to school. 

The ban comes after students were caught using social media, streaming sites, gambling and watching porn in class.

Turns out, teenage boys find porn more interesting than algebra.

Shore School allowed students to bring their own devices to class under a Bring Your Own Device policy.

They have now backflipped and introduced a ban after many boys became distracted by the wonders of the internet, instead of focusing on their teachers.

The school is currently rolling out a We Made A Huge Mistake policy, where students will be able to 'rent out' laptops with built-in controls.

A spokeswoman for Shore School told the Sydney Morning Herald that laptop policies were common and due to the 'changing education and technology environments'.

But anyone who has spent time around high school boys knows the policy was doomed to fail.

It was hard enough for teachers to keep boy’s attention back in the day, when they only had paper and pen to distract them. They could be kept entertained for hours by simply drawing a penis or the Stussy logo.

Now they’ve added the entire internet to the mix, there’s no way a teenage boy is choosing Shakespeare over Sportsbet.

A former student (and dibber dobber) who graduated from Shore School last year, reportedly penned an article for the school's newsletter about how frequent laptop misuse was.

He recalls one teacher stopping class 'every 10 minutes' to tell students to pay attention.

But the spokeswoman says the 'overwhelming majority of boys' at Shore adhered to the school's rules and any student not following the guidelines for laptop use, would be subject to 'disciplinary action'.

Shore School has learnt it’s lesson, the ban is the best thing they can do to keep students engaged in their education… unless they work out how to teach physics through watching porn.