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Prince Charles Mocked For Delivering Queen’s Speech

The Tone Of The Speech Didn’t Match The Setting

The Queen had to pull out of another public engagement this week and Prince Charles had to step in. Fortunately for the 96-year-old Queen Elizabeth, her son was able to deliver the Queen’s speech for the State Opening of British Parliament, but unfortunately for him he was routinely mocked on the internet for it. 

The key part of the speech that drew the ire of the those who write their opinions on Twitter was the bit where Prince Charles promised that the government would “ease the cost of living for families”, which is a perfectly nice sentiment, but unfortunately, he was sitting on a jewel-covered gold throne at the time. 

Those not in the House of Lords at the time couldn’t resist having a go at the future king for the comments and the setting. Tweets poured in suggesting that maybe talking about how hard basic necessities are to afford at the moment would be best addressed from some different, non-treasure-based chair. These tweets were presumably sent by peasants from some non-gold encrusted bedrooms. 

In the speech Prince Charles said “Her Majesty’s Government’s priority is to grow and strengthen the economy and help ease the cost of living for families.”

And while it didn’t look good, it isn’t exactly Prince Charles’ fault. He had no input in the speech. The speech is written by the government for the Queen. Although that didn’t stop him absolutely copping it online. 

The other part of the ceremony that caught the imagination of those who are prone to complain about these sorts of things was that the Queen’s crown was in attendance. That’s right. Just the crown. The crown was driven to parliament and it was sat on a cushion next to Charles. The crown was there to represent the Queen. If they wanted the Queen to be present, they could have just put a coin there and turned it to the heads side. 

Elliott Smith, a CNBC reporter wrote on Twitter about the crown. “If anyone was still under the illusion we were a normal country, we just sent an expensive hat to parliament in its own car so Prince Charles could tell our politicians to crack on.” Sure, but it is a nice hat. 

The Queen was not in attendance because at the moment she’s having mobility issues. There were no hot takes on Twitter about this.