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Pregnant Woman Starts Debate After Stranger Grabbed Her Belly In Bunnings

Is it ever okay to rub a stranger's belly without asking? After sharing a video on social media with that very question, this Australian woman sparked a debate.

Mum-to-be, Danielle Fraser, was shopping in Bunnings when a stranger came up to her and immediately touched her stomach without permission, asking, "How far along are you?" 

Fraser was extremely uncomfortable and walked away from the stranger. 

She shared her story to social media and was met with mixed reactions from TikTok commenters who saw the video. 

Some users stated that it "comes from a good place" and "no ill intent." 

Others echoed Danielle Fraser's reaction and explained how they would not like a stranger to touch their body, pregnant or not.

One user added 'I'm sorry, but people need to back the f*** off! I totally agree - not okay at all. An older lady touched my nine-month-old son's face - no consent - I was livid.' 

'This is never okay. What if she had recently miscarried? What if she actually wasn't pregnant?' added another.