Politicians Could Soon Have Pay Docked For Bad Behaviour

In Canberra, politicians are finally cracking down on a notoriously lawless group: politicians.

Leaked documents have revealed a raft of proposed punishments, including pollies having their pay docked.

For years, the centre of political power has been the centre of disturbing allegations of bullying and harassment, discrimination and assault. 

There seemed to be little consequence for bad behaviour, but that may soon change. New rules have been released, though not intentionally.

The leaked document outlines the punishments for those who breach parliamentary standards – including politicians, staffers, lobbyists, journos and pretty much anyone who works in parliament.

Politicians found to be in breach could be discharged from committees, suspended from parliament, and have up to five per cent of their pay docked.

The punishments were drafted by a cross-party taskforce that included Labor, Liberal, Nationals, Greens, and Independents, and propose rules for an Independent Parliamentary Standards Commission due to be established this October.

But before any of this happens, before we get to enjoy the sight of misbehaving pollies searching the sofa for loose change or trying to remember their Bitcoin password, one group needs to sign off on it: the pollies themselves.