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Police Looking For ‘Burgerlar’ Couple Who Walked Out On 12 Burger Bill

Police in the UK are searching for the couple after walking out on their $330A bill at a local burger restaurant.

The couple asked if they could participate in the restaurant’s ‘eating challenge’ at Bite Me Burger in Marlborough.

The Sun reports that the restaurant offers customers the chance to eat a dozen burgers in six minutes. Anyone who completes the challenge gets their bill paid.

But staff explained the contest wasn’t an option as it needed to be pre-booked.

The owner states that “the challenge has to be pre-arranged as we have to be on-hand to time it properly,”

“These people say they wanted to do the challenge, but it was a Saturday night, and we were very busy – we didn’t have the staff and time to do it.”

The pair disregarded this and wanted to complete the challenge, as they wolfed down 12 burgers in just a few minutes and began leaving without paying.

Staff attempted to call them back to the register to which the couple stated that they did not need to pay as they had finished the burgers within the challenge time frame.

The owner adds that the couple stated they would “slag the restaurant off on social media.” 

The restaurant decided to get police involved, stating that “I don’t want to waste police time or that of the courts, but on top of all that restaurants have gone through with the lockdown, this is a matter of principle,” 

Particularly as according to the restaurant’s CCTV it is crystal clear, they did not even finish the burgers in under six minutes.