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PM Responds To Grace Tame Photos At The Lodge

Scott Morrison has broken his silence about the images of his meeting with Grace Tame and her partner earlier this week. The images were widely applauded, but also criticised due to Grace’s reaction to seeing the PM.

Ms. Tame, was Australian Of The Year in 2021. She was the first female sexual assault survivor in Tasmania to win a court order to speak about her assault and has continued to work tirelessly to advocate for survivors of sexual abuse and assault.

During an interview with 4BC, Mr. Morrison was asked: “Did you and your wife Jenny feel disrespected?”

He did not deny he felt disrespected but noted he had greeted Ms. Tame with civility.

“I’ve seen all of that. Anyone comes to our home, when we invite somebody, we greet them with a smile, and they’re always welcome,’’ Mr. Morrison said.

He went on to say that Grace has experienced a “terrible life” and that “terrible things have happened to her”. He added that she is a passionate person, who’s raised important issues. 

Mr. Morrison implied that the media attention the images garnered had overshadowed the Australians of the Year, for which the event had taken place to celebrate.

Morrison went on to say: “And the previous Australians of the Year were there. Jenny and I were there and that day was all about them.''

“All I’m saying is we were there that day to celebrate those who’ve done an incredible job for our country. And Jenny and I wanted to welcome them into our home and wish them all the best,'' Morrison added.