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Plant Lover’s $1,200 Find At Bunnings That She Paid Just $30 For

A plant lover in Melbourne has hit the green thumb jackpot after she accidentally bought a rare species for just $30.

Elsie Bishop bought the Monstera Deliciosa at Bunnings, but it wasn't until she got home she realised it was special.

Upon inspecting the leaves, Elsie noticed it had variegated markings.

The genetic deformity is so rare plant lovers will pay up to $1,200 for plants with variegated leaves.

"Because it has occurred naturally, there's a not a 100 per cent chance that the variegation will continue on any new leaves that grow, but it's exciting to take the risk," she told the Daily Mail.

"The coloured spots on the leaves are variegation. You know it's stable when the coloured streaks are going up the stem as well."

What Causes Variegation In Plants?

Variegated leaf colour occurs when there is a lack of green pigment chlorophyll in some plant cells.

It is usually the result of a cell mutation.

It can be an inherited genetic result or happen randomly.