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Photographer Finds Abandoned Island Taken Over By Polar Bears

A small island between Russia and Alaska has been overtaken by polar bears.

Kolyuchin Island, near the northern coast of Chukotka, which is the most far-eastern federal subject of Russia, was once a meteorological station but has since been abandoned.

Russian photographer, Dmitry Kokh, was sailing to Wrangel Island — also known for its bear population — when he was sailing past Kolyuchin Island and saw movement.

Arriving on the island, he took a series of photos of the polar bears living among the abandoned buildings.

“Polar bears are quite a curious guys. It could be good for the photographer or could be not, depending on the situation,” Kokh captioned one of the photos.

Kokh also noted the sheer number of abandoned fuel drums that were scattered across the island.

“Unfortunately, this world is full of trash. That’s a well-known problem - for example, there’re around 12 million abandoned fuel barrels scattered along the coast,” he said.

“In Soviet time they brought the barrels, and after the fuel was used, they dropped barrels all over the place. Plus abandoned villages, construction trash, and so on.

“And it’s way too expensive to clean everything now. As I know, our government is trying to start some cleaning program, hope the solution will be found.”

Kokh has been posting the images he took on Kolyuchin Island over the past few weeks and explained that at no point were he or the polar bears in danger.

“I think I need to say a very important thing: there was no risk at all, all pictures were taken using technology and a bit of magic,” he said on Instagram.

“Polar bears are wild animals and could be extremely dangerous for humans, so if someone thinks that I walked around the island dodging bears like superman, this person is completely wrong.”