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Phillip Island’s Baby Penguins Set Record As Over 5,000 Babies Cross The Beach

A record number of baby penguins on Phillip Island have broken a record for the most little penguins outside of the traditional breeding period.

The beach at Penguin Parade on Phillip Island, Victoria, has become home to a new record number of cute little penguins.

5,219 of the adorable chicks have crossed the beach at Penguin Parade, setting a record for the most babies spotted outside of the traditional spring - summer breeding period

Phillip Island Nature Parks research officer Paula Wasiak said the record had originally been broken a few days earlier, with 4,500 little penguins being spotted.

However, just a few days later, 5,219 of them crossed in 50 minutes one evening last week, creating a new record. 

Wasiak told the ABC, "But what's really unique about these record-breaking nights is that they're happening now.

"Usually, we have record-breaking nights when the penguins are at the peak of their breeding season, so around November and December."