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Peter Dinklage & Peter Helliar Reminisce About Their Aussie Movie ‘I Love You Too’

Before Peter Dinklage was in Game Of Thrones, he was given his big break by our own Peter Helliar!

It was almost 12-years ago when Peter Dinklage headed down under to star in the Aussie movie ‘I Love You Too’, written by The Project’s own Pete Helliar. Although what was on screen can be re-watched, and the memories of their time working together haven’t faded, the accuracies of those memories might be a little… Embellish.

Dinklage, who was on The Project to promote his new film ‘Cyrano’, reminisced about how comfortable he and Pete became, and how quickly!

Dinklage, who worked with Aussie actor Brendan Cowell on ‘I Love You Too’ and ‘Game of Thrones’, was soon questioned by Helliar about why his name wasn’t put forward to appear in the hit series. The quick-witted actor played down the success of ‘Game Of Thrones’, saying, “They had too many Peters already”.

Watch the full interview below.