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Perth Students Asked To Study For Money

Perth School's Scheme To Motivate Students With $500 Cash Incentive

Final year students at Carine Senior High School were told they would pocket $500 if they scored higher in their final exams than their Year 11 predicted ATAR.

English students might call this motivation; whereas debating students might call this a much-welcomed bribery.

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Under the program, students with a predicted ATAR of 80 or more last year in Year 11 will earn the cash if they retain or build on that result in Year 12.

If they lifted their final ATAR above 80 or improved by more than five points, students whose expected Year 11 ATAR is below 80 will get $500.

The top 10 Year 12s who did not take enough courses to qualify for an ATAR score would also be handed $500.

It almost seems difficult under this schools plan not to get given $500.

It’s been a while since I was in school but that seems like a decent amount of money. I reckon that could buy you about 1 million red frogs…but do keep in mind I failed math.

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After an email outlining the big money cash scheme was leaked the school has come under fire, not only because it doesn’t seem like the schools place to give cash incentives but because they are using taxpayers dollars.

The WA Education Department say they were unaware of a Perth school’s plan to use taxpayer dollars to motivate students to work harder, according to The West Australian.

In the leaked email sent to staff, Carine school principal Damian Shuttleworth said the awards program was designed to motivate disengaged students.

“The plan outlines a strategy to provide recognition of effort, which this award program aims to do by rewarding those students who have maintained or increased their effort and motivation in challenging circumstances,” he said.

Surely a much larger lesson than motivation is being learned via this scheme; perhaps the real lesson being learned is to be fine with minor corruption.

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I feel bad for the kid who goes for his first career job interview and tries to slide a bunch of fifties under the desk…unless of course, that job is being a teacher at Carine School, in which case that will surely secure them employment.