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Perth CBD Becomes A Ghost Town In Anticipation Of Covid Wave

With their borders still closed and cases only in the 100s, Perth attempts to keep their numbers low. 

Google mobility data has shown 41% fewer people at Perth's public transport hubs, with a 36% drop in visitors to retail and recreation venues between January and February compared to two years ago.

After watching how Melbourne and Sydney were impacted recently by Covid, Perth CBD businesses are preparing for what they anticipate will be a significant spike in Covid cases. Many businesses with hybrid workforces allow employees to work remotely to avoid the risk of staff being absent due to sickness or the need to quarantine.

This is despite there being no 'stay at home' orders in place by the WA government, which is upsetting the hospitality industry.

ABC News reported, executive chef Chase Weber said the hotel's earnings were down between 70 and 80 per cent compared to last year. Mr Weber said Willi's had been popular with office workers, who stopped there for a drink, lunch or a meeting, but they had to close it "because no-one's there".

"This is by far the toughest situation we have ever faced," he said.

While the rest of Australia learns to live with Covid, Western Australian borders remain closed a little longer, after backflipping on the government's plan to open back on February 5th.