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Person Makes 12,272 Noise Complaints To Local Airport, Averaging 34 Times A Day

One individual has made an average of 59 noise complaints to Dublin Airport in 2022, continuing a pattern over the last few years.

The unnamed individual also made 12,272 noise complaints to Dublin Airport in 2021, accounting for 90% of total complaints.

DAA, previously known as the Dublin Airport Authority, revealed the staggering number, which equals about 34 a day

Dublin Airport received 13,569 noise complaints in 2021, meaning just 1,296 came from other people.

The individual also made 6,227 complaints in 2020 and has already logged 5,276 complaints in the first three months of 2022.

On average, the airport receives about 1,500 reports a year, mostly about aircraft noise at night.

A DAA spokesperson said the airport works with local communities on the flight path and noise issues but declined to comment on the individual, local media reported.