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Ackerman takes on pinko pig

Image: Some suggested Piers was acting a swine

In 1945, George Orwell published “Animal Farm”, a book in which pigs played out the story of the Russian Revolution and the evolution of communism into a brutal totalitarian state.

68 years later, Daily Telegraph columnist Piers Ackerman has identified another pig pushing a hardline left-wing agenda. Like Orwell’s Napoleon, this pig also wallows in British mud, but has found its way onto Australian screens through our own government broadcaster.

Her name is Peppa. And word is, she’s filling your children’s heads with dangerous femi-nazism.

“Even the cartoon character Peppa Pig pushes a weird feminist line that would be closer to the hearts of Labor’s Handbag Hit Squad than the pre-school audience it is aimed at,” says Ackerman in a column about the ABC’s “attempts to foist its Left-wing agenda on the nation.”

Ackerman doesn’t elaborate on the “weird feminist line”, perhaps presuming it to be self-evident. And admittedly, having a lead character being female already seems like positive discrimination gone mad.

Beyond that, it’s fallen to Twitter to pick up the slack to back up Piers’ argument.

“You only need to look at Peppa Pig to realise she’s a pinko,” tweeted Dominic Knight.

And pink is, of course, a very feminine colour. And feminine is the next best thing to feminist.

But the other pigs are also pink, including Peppa’s little brother George and Daddy Pig. Although he sports some anti-establishment stubble, he is an architect, who are known more for their skills at building the state than smashing it.

So with the pig family gender-balanced and seemingly quite traditional in structure, much of the attention fell on the character of Miss Rabbit, who is the bus driver, librarian, helicopter pilot, supermarket assistant and much more besides. She even once received an award from the Queen for being the hardest working member of the community.

“Miss Rabbit is to blame - she's an entrepreneur/firefighter/rescue worker giving the pink pigs a bad name #weirdlyfeminist #PeppaPig,” tweeted Sam Turnbull.

But others saw the fault with Mr Ackerman himself.

“A Chauvinist Pig snorting about a #weirdlyfeminist Peppa Pig. No stone is left unturned in Ackerman's analysis of bias at the ABC,” tweeted Amanda Mack.

But let’s not dismiss Piers too quickly. If our public money is being used to broadcast feminist children’s programs, it could lead to such socialist notions as equality and fairness becoming a part of kids’ mindsets. 

Forget reds under the beds, we should be worried about boars burning bras.

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