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Peppa Pig’s ‘Irish Holiday’ Book Causes Divide Amongst Irish Parents

She's been to Italy, France, even the Australian outback, and finally, Peppa Pig and family crossed the Irish sea to visit Ireland. However, it's led to criticism.

Many upset parents shared their thoughts on Twitter after reading the book to their kids, insisting it was 'offensive', 'horrendous' and 'insensitive'. 

A synopsis for the children's book reads: 'Peppa and George are going to Ireland for an Irish-dancing festival! But when the band forget their instruments, will Peppa and her family be able to save the day?

'This brand-new story features a glittery cover and is the perfect introduction to Ireland for little Peppa fans.' 

So what caused the anguish?

Many parents were particularly disappointed that the book did not include an Irish character, despite the Pig family visiting Ireland. 

Others pointed out that the story was full of microaggressions towards the Irish, with one Twitter user, an Irish author himself writing: "I read this to my daughter at bedtime. It features no Irish characters, just English characters enjoying themselves in Ireland, thus reinscribing 800 years of colonialism.''

He later stated that his tweet was written in jest, however many of his followers and other parents had already begun responding on the thread, expressing they genuinely were disappointed with the portrayal of Ireland in the book.

One parent tweeted: "Surprised it doesn't have a token Irish character – Máiréad the Moose or something – who does Irish dancing and loves potatoes.''

"Yeah we got it too; Ireland is basically a diddly-eye theme park. But the Peppa pig corporation isn't even trying, the quality of all that stuff is woeful," wrote another. 

Other parents weighed in that they didn't find anything wrong with the book, and enjoyed the story. Stating that these parents would have complained whether there was or wasn't an Irish character in the story.