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People Are Mistaking The Governments Women’s Network Logo For Something Else

The logo for the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s (PM&C) new Women’s Network, leaves everything to the imagination.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Cabinet’s new logo for the Women’s Network raises more than just eyebrows.  

Many questions are being raised as to how this logo was even approved. The logo has created a stir online but not for the reasons the PM would like.   

The logo, which is a dark purple with ‘W’ finished off with a long rounded bar, has been interrupted mostly commonly as… Well… A dick, with rounded ‘W’ shape to represent the balls.   

Others have made out the rounded ‘W’ to be breasts, while others see the logo as a tampon. Twitter has blown up over the logo, some tweets not being sure if the logo is real or a Betoota Advocate article.  

However, the logo is keeping in theme with the other PM&C logos, which all feature a capsule-like shape with a pattern or meaning inside. 

But unfortunately for the Government, when the internet gets involved with these kinds of things and into the wrong hands, it’s game over.