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People Are Booking AirBnb’s In Ukraine To Offer Direct Support

Citizens worldwide are donating to Ukrainian individuals via an unconventional way, Airbnb. So far, over 61,000 nights have been booked already.

People worldwide are understandably shocked and want to help citizens in Ukraine after Russia began its invasion of the country. 

With limited ways to quickly support Ukrainian individuals, people on the internet shared a potential solution: to book Airbnb properties without the intention to stay in them but to give the funds directly to the owners. 

Australian comedian, Kristy Webeck, said she also booked some nights in Kharkiv on Airbnb "to try to send some tangible, immediate assistance." 

She shared the message she received from the hosts on Twitter along with others on Twitter who did the same.

Airbnb is also encouraging hosts on their platform to donate their homes as housing for refugees. Others who want to support this initiative can also donate money that will go toward housing refugees. "To date, we have seen an overwhelming response to this effort, with more than 1.2 million visitors to this page," the spokesperson said.

Airbnb's CEO Brian Chesky tweeted early on Monday that 11,183 people have signed up to offer their homes to refugees in the last week.