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Passenger Required To Land A Plane After The Pilot Becomes Unconscious

Move Over Harrison Ford, There Is A New Amazing Harrison That Can Fly Us To Safety When Things Get Rough; Darren Harrison.

On what was meant to be a routine flight from Bermuda to Florida, Darren found himself with a bit of a problem, his pilot had just become unconscious. But Darren didn’t lose his cool, he simply got on the radio and made the following statement to ground control  

I’ve got a serious situation here about the pilot, he has gone… incoherent and I have no idea how to fly the airplane. 

How he didn’t just start screaming and saying “OH MY GOD” is beyond me, I have been more panicked trying to merge lanes on Hoddle St after a Collingwood game at the MCG, but his cool head served him well. 

Having already dropped 800 metres in a minute, the controller on the line first had Darren focus on telling him where they were. 

I have no idea. I see the coast of Florida in front of me, and I have no idea. Darren said. 

After more metres of dropping and much contact between different aircraft controllers, the plane, a Turboprop, was located. 

An air traffic controller at Palm Beach International, Robert Morgan, who seconds earlier was happily reading a book, took over giving out instructions to the plane. 

He did this by using a printout of the control panel and directing Darren on what his next moves were.  

Together they navigated the aircraft to Palm Beach Airport as the runway is a little over 3km long, and after 40 nervous minutes they were ready to land.  

And land they did. A landing so textbook it makes me think what some of the pilots of a few domestic flights I’ve taken were doing.  

Once on the ground Darren only had one more question 

OK, how do I stop this thing? 

Which we are not sure if he meant the engine or his elevated heart rate, but either way a happy* outcome. 

*Except for the fact that his car was not at that airport 

You can see the footage of the landing here: