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Parents Slammed For Changing Baby's Diaper On Plane Food Tray

A pair of parents have been slammed online after changing their baby's dirty diaper on a plane seat tray instead of the dedicated changing table in the bathroom.

Posting to the Reddit page 'Am I The A**hole', user u/No_Cartographer8186 revealed she was recently on a flight for several hours, "seated behind a couple with a baby."

"I'm a really nauseous flyer, so I took a Dramamine ahead of time and did my best to get some sleep during the flight," she wrote.

"This didn't happen because of the baby's crying — but oh well, I know flights are scary and stressful for infants, and there was nothing anyone could do about that."

However, it wasn't just the crying that kept the user awake.

"What got to me was the couple changing their baby's extremely stinky #2 diaper right in the middle of their seats, using the mom's food tray as a changing table," they said.

"We were at the back of the plane right by the bathrooms, which I confirmed had baby changing tables when I had to go back there to throw up after the smell hit me."

While not mentioning anything after the first diaper change, the user explained she had to say something after the second.

"I didn't say anything the first time, but the second time I heard them go into the diaper bag a couple of hours later, I asked if they could please go use the plane bathroom instead of exposing everyone on the plane to the smell," they explained.

According to the poster, the mother didn't appreciate the request.

"The mom went off on me and said I had no idea how stressful it is to travel with an infant," they said.

After the discussion, the flight crew and even the pilot made an announcement asking for all parents to use the dedicated changing tables in the plane's bathrooms.

Many took to the comments of the post to express their disgust at the act.

'Yuck! Who does that?" one user questioned.

"What they were doing was disgusting," another said.

A third said: "As a mom that has travelled with infants, that is disgusting."