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Parents Fear Their Daughters Name Would Result In Her Being Teased

One mum shared she's anxious about choosing a name they like Writing on Mumsnet, the anonymous woman said it was her husband's idea to choose 'Tuesday' as the middle name for their daughter Jessica.

She stated that if they go for it, people will judge them.

"I actally don't hate it but don't love it either, but I know it would make him very happy and his parents," she said.

"I just think will people think we're mental using Tuesday as a middle name? Like teachers etc? I feel it's very alternative."

Despite her concerns, some members of the Mumsnet community seemed to think it was a proper name.

Another said: "Nothing really wrong with it, there are many much worse names out there."

And a third said: "Not my cup of tea. I don't really understand why you would want to name a child after a day of the week!"