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Parents Call For Mobile Phones To Be Banned In Schools At Lunch And Recess

With fears children are being less social, parents are calling for a ban on mobile phones.

Parents are calling for a ban on mobile phones in school, at lunch and recess, with concerns children aren't playing or socialising. The group of parents fear the children are losing the ability to interact face to face with their peers socially.

A Sydney mother, Rachel Chappell, has started a petition calling for the NSW Department of Education to bring in a 'consistent policy' banning phones. After hearing stories from other parents in her online group 'North Shore Mums', Ms Chappell felt compelled to act.

One mother shared the example of her athlete and outgoing son struggling to make new friends as the majority of his classmates spent their time on their phones. The boy has gone from being happy in primary school to lonely in high school, the parent said.

'We're proposing that there should be a policy from the NSW Department of Education that clarifies the use of smartphones at school, and this is enforced across all schools,' Ms Chappell said.

'Many schools have already recognised mobile phone use throughout the day is detrimental to students' social, physical and mental well-being, and have banned them during the day,' she said.