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Over 133,000 kgs Of Chicken Stolen in Cuban Heist

A massive chicken heist has taken place in Havana, Cuba, with a reported 133 tonnes, or 133,000 kgs, of poultry swindled.

The thieves reportedly took approximately 1,660 boxes of poultry from a state-owned facility in the dead of night and sold the meat on, while the country is facing economic turmoil and food shortages.

Video surveillance footage has been released, showing a truck, presumably carrying all the delicious chicken inside, leaving the facility and driving off.

Thirty people have been charged in relation to the theft, and could spend up to 20 years in prison if found guilty.

Rigoberto Mustelier, director of the government food distributor COPMAR said that the amount of chickens equated to a month's worth of rations for a medium-sized province. 

So if you plan to visit Havana, don't be surprised if there is no chicken on the menu.