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Orthodontist Claims Kissing Is Good For Your Teeth

An orthodontist has claimed that kissing for four minutes a day is great for your teeth, encouraging people to “get snogging”

Dr Khaled Kasem, of the international dental chain Impress recommends “snogging” for a good four minutes a day in the name of oral health.

He claims that a quick peck on the lips won’t cut it; you’ve got to get right into it.

'The main benefit of kissing is that it produces more saliva in your mouth,' he said.

'Saliva is important because it helps you chew, taste, swallow, fights germs in your mouth, and prevents bad breath — which is definitely ideal when kissing.' 

Saliva also neutralises acids that sit on your teeth, helping to cut your risk of getting tooth decay.

He also added that kissing could help with your immune system, as the body produces more antibodies when in contact with another person’s saliva. 

'The exchange of saliva during a kiss encourages the immune system to create more antibodies, which defends your body from infection,' he said.

However, he warned not to swap saliva with anyone suffering from cold sores, contagious disease, or poor oral hygiene as that would not be the bacteria you want to welcome into your mouth!

Dr. Kasem clarifies that of course, kissing is no substitute for proper oral hygiene - regular brushing and flossing is a must