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Only 22% Of People Can Spot Fake News

This Is Real Though

You might think you’re the sort of person who is able to spot the difference between fake news and real news but a report has come out suggesting that only 22% of people can actually tell the difference. This is real news, by the way. You can tell it is because we’re saying it is, fake news would never tell you that sort of thing.

The report was conducted by Ofcom who surveyed 13,000 folks in the UK in an effort to figure out whether they knew what you had to look for to determine if content was real or fake. 30% of respondents straight up said they did not have the ability to tell the difference.

While those 30% had no faith in their own ability, 65% of the people surveyed said they were confident they could identify misinformation. However, when pressed by Ofcom on what to look for to identify signs of a genuine post, only 22% made no mistakes.

There is so much content uploaded to the internet all of the time. In the minutes you’ve taken to read these sentences hours and hours of content has been uploaded to YouTube, thousands of videos have been watched on TikTok and hundreds of thousands of stories have been shared on Instagram. It is hard work know what’s real and what’s just nonsense.

Ofcom offered some tips on the things you need to look for so that you can spot misinformation:

Check the source. Where is the article you’re reading coming from? Who is the person telling you the information? It might be an easy to read infographic posted to a random Instagram account, but where did their facts come from?

After checking the source, question the source. Who are they? Are they established? Are they trustworthy? Are they a guy who lives in an attic with a reddit account? Would they have any reason to mislead readers?

You’ve checked your source, you’ve question your source and now take a step back. Before you take something at face value, think about your own motives for wanting to believe it. Maybe you believe that dude in the attic because you also live in an attic and his article about ‘why dudes that live in the attic are the hottest dudes’ really spoke to you.

It’s hard to remember to follow those steps every time you read something online because you’re inundated with information every minute of the day, but take the time and have a think about what your reading. Trust us, we’re an article on the internet.