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One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s David Bowie Painting

The painting was found at a landfill donation centre shop.

A painting by the late music superstar, David Bowie is up for auction after it was sold at a Canadian donation centre for $4.37. And now that it’s been authenticated and identified, it’s current bid is going for $40,675.75 with another week left to go.

This is the sort of story that will have all of our Mum’s going “See! I told you I find good things at the op shop!” as she presents you with a gorgeous ceramic display of Mary and her Little Lambs where only one of the lamb’s hooves is missing.

The painting titled ‘DHead XLVI’ was amazingly picked up by someone who just liked the look of the thing, and didn’t buy it knowing they were picking up something so valuable. It was only after they looked into the signature on the back that they realised what they were holding on to. If that isn’t an indicator to get into the art scene I don’t know what is.

DHead XLVI is an acrylic painting which is a part of a series of 47 pieces of art that Bowie created between 1995 and 1997 as part of his Dead Head series. Each piece was titled DHead with a nonsequential roman numeral. Now if you need me I’ll be spending the rest of the day at the Salvos.